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Men Only...Vintage style

I LOVED making these artist trading cards!!


They were much brighter in person.


Vintage papers in the background...

acrylic glazes and gesso on the top with some stamping thrown in.

Banner Swap


The theme was, if you haven't guessed already....WINGS. These were lots of fun...small, only 3 x 5. Sorry the pictures came out a bit dark... I forgot to use the flash. They are really much brighter in person!

Oh...and just wanted to mention...if you need some new music to inspire you while you make art (especially something steampunk!)....check out Chris Garneau's newest album..."El Radio"....the song "Fireflies" is a free download right now on Amazon...it's very catchy and addicting! LOL


Fleeting Spring

As of this past Sunday, spring was officially over. My tender flowers have all been replaced by the lush greens of summer. My yard is a riot of crazy vines that have gotten out of control and small trees from seed have popped up everywhere. It has rained buckets nearly every day in the past month, so everything, weeds included, is growing like mad. Work, work, work! 

I have had little time to escape to the art room....but here and there I have worked on a couple projects I have yet to post. Here is a photo of a small art quilt I made for my Mom for Mother's Day.

She loved it!!

Here is a piece I did for the fun of it...a layered work with a cigar box top as the base. Very vintage. Hope the text is readable! The photo kept coming out blurry for some reason....


Okay....found a close up shot that came out crisp, so if you click on it you should be able to read it clearly!

And lastly...I decided to make some art dolls...stick dolls to be precise. These are so much fun. I am making four, one for each season. Fall is finished, but summer still needs beading. Here they are on my messy art table as well as a close up:

Today I have finished up an assemblage...a gift for a friend...will post a picture after I give it away!! :)

Goodbye sweet spring...hello to summer sunshine!!!



Play Day

This past Sunday was, of course, Easter....and since I wasn't planning a big cooking event, I decided to spend the day making art with my long-time friend, Faith.  We had a great time catching up and looking at all my old projects from swaps, etc....my "treasures", LOL. The art room was such a WRECK....no room to work, so we took a bunch of supplies to the kitchen table where we made backgrounds for future projects. Such fun!! We need to get together more often!! :)

Since then I have been busy, but TODAY I set aside some time to work with a few pieces. I cut the papers down to trading card size and then stamped and collaged on top. I love the bright colours...it's been pretty cold and rainy here, but today the SUN came out and made me happy...which translates in my art, I HOPE.

Here they are!! (click to enlarge)


Cirque du Soleil

Hadn't posted an update, but recently we took a trip up to Maryland with some close friends to see KOOZA at the big top and BOY was it amazing! Just what I needed to awaken the creative muse that I sware has been ASLEEP all winter.  Now my mind is spinning with ideas!! :)

Here's a challenge I recently participated in. The requirements were to use a piece of junk mail (flower ad), the colour turquoise, and a BINGO card...


And here is another art journal page:

And now for some photos of our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium (none of Kooza, as they didn't allow it!) :



Good times and good friends!!! :)

Great Week

My girls finally seem to be on the mend! THis week has been pretty good...Jess using her cane less and Amber is definitely feeling more like herself. I am hoping this trend continues and every day just gets better and better! I feel like I can finally BREATHE...LOL.

This week I worked on another journal page....this one was lots of fun and I used a new Tim Holtz stencil I picked up....pretty nifty little gears...

And a couple weeks ago I made some atcs....never posted pics, so here they are as well:

A Couple More Pages

Two more art journal pages! :)


Art Journal Pages

I have been saving these clothing tags now for what seems like FORVER....I think they are too pretty/unique to throw away. I decided to use them in my art journal...that way I can have them all together to admire AND they are being recycled/reused! Most of the images are from magazines and the photograph of the writing hand is one I found on the street in front of my house....

I enjoyed working on these and hope to do some more today!!!


This is my first time doing anything artsy in MONTHS.....so I was a bit rusty, LOL. We re-arranged my art studio the other day and it was just what I needed to get motivated! That and a new set of fun stamps to play with...

These are for a swap in one of my yahoo groups:

Hope the gals like 'em!! :)

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